Editorial Policy

Expo Times is a leading newspaper publication dedicated to providing accurate and timely news coverage on various topics, including current events, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more. The newspaper has built a reputation for its commitment to journalistic integrity and its focus on delivering quality content to its readers.

As the newspaper’s motto: ‘Exposing today for tomorrow’ goes, Expo Times prides itself as champion of the voiceless but progressive, dignified and resilient victims of human rights violations of all types: political, civil, economic, social, and cultural embedded in the twin Covenants of the First and Second Generations Rights, Political and Civil, and economic, social and cultural rights, respectively. It essentially aims at laying bare all human wrongs that stand in the way of addressing imbalances of society such as poverty, deprivation, exploitation, discrimination, hunger etc. It seeks to focus on human rights journalism by putting the promotion and protection of all human rights– be they political, civil, economic, social, or cultural that leverage our collective knowledge in the development of the country at the center of its operations. A critical part of the problem in the media in Sierra Leone is that practitioners do not sufficiently share sincere and honest information, and above all adapt and implement what works in the media landscape.

The Editorial Board recognizes that it has a responsibility to develop and implement an editorial policy which would enable its newspapers, monthly magazine, and web-sites to fulfill their role in the context of the IMC media regulations in the country.

The Expo Media group (newspaper, magazine, and web site etc.) is a commercial business, but the Board recognizes it also has a role in our political and judicial systems that other businesses do not.

While the Board’s imperative is to generate returns for shareholders, the Directors recognize that the newspaper has a duty to their readers, the public, which they serve and the freedom of the press upon which our liberty depends.

The Directors also acknowledge that the rights and privileges protracted to the newspapers’ journalists by the nation’s political and judicial institutions bring with them a duty to report the workings of those institutions fairly and accurately in the public interest.  Fulfillment of this duty will require the newspapers to appeal to the widest possible cross-section of the public, to maintain the highest standards and traditions of journalism and to provide training in the skills and principles of journalism to young people.

The Board has therefore laid down broad parameters for the type of newspaper/magazine/website it believes will best meet this duty, and has therefore developed a set of ethical guidelines for the newspapers to follow.  Its editorial policy is informed by the following guidelines:

  1. Accuracy and Fairness: Expo Times and Expo Magazine are committed to providing accurate and reliable news to its readers. The editorial teams strive to verify facts and ensure the information presented is truthful and unbiased. They make efforts to cross-check sources and provide a balanced view of events, giving equal weight to different perspectives. Freedom of the press has recently been a glorious success in the country following the Repeal of Part 5 of the Criminal Libel Law. It is now enshrined in law and also depends on public support.  That support can only be diminished if the public loses faith in the media as fair, honest and reliable sources of information. The Board will ensure that this group of newspapers and magazine gain the confidence and trust of the public.
  2. Independence and Objectivity: Expo Times and Expo Magazine maintain editorial independence and aim to present news without any external influence or bias. They are not affiliated with any political, or commercial, interests that may compromise their objectivity. The editorial teams are free to pursue stories and express opinions based on their professional judgment.
  3. Ethical Standards: Expo Times and Expo Magazine uphold high ethical standards in journalism. They adher to professional codes of conduct, respects privacy rights, avoid conflicts of interest, and refrain from accepting bribes, or engaging in any unethical practices. They maintain transparency in their reporting and disclose any potential conflicts when necessary.
  4. Diverse Coverage: Expo Time and Expo Magazine recognize the importance of diversity and inclusivity in news coverage. They strive to reflect the voices and experiences of diverse communities and covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more. They aim to provide a platform for underrepresented perspectives and promote a balanced representation of society.
  5. Editorial Independence: Expo Times and Expo Magazine maintain a clear distinction between news reporting and opinion pieces. While they encourage a range of opinions and viewpoints, the editorial team ensures that news articles are objective and based on factual information. Opinion pieces and editorials are clearly labeled to distinguish them from news content.
  6. Corrections and Accountability: Expo Times and Expo Magazine acknowledge the possibility of errors in reporting and takes responsibility for them. They have a policy of promptly correcting any factual inaccuracies that may arise. They encourage readers to provide feedback and engage in open dialogue, fostering accountability and transparency.
  7. Community Engagement: Expo Times and Expo Magazine value its relationship with readers and actively seeks to engage with the community. They encourage reader participation through letters to the editor, opinion submissions, and feedback channels. They aim to reflect the concerns and interests of its readership and actively listen to their perspectives.