About Expo Media Group

A Resilient Legacy of News Excellence and Innovation

The story of Expo Media Group commenced with the establishment of Expotimes Newspaper first registered in 1995 and operated as daily newspaper until it was forced to close down in February 1998 in the wake of the deadly civil war.  It re-emerged as an online newspaper in 2000 and has since been, albeit not very active lately.  The print version of this online newspaper briefly appeared in the newsstands in 2001 for few months and then ceased publication again due to some unavoidable circumstances. Because of the impact this newspaper created in print format in the mid 1990s as the then country’s most vibrant and largest circulation newspaper making it to win the best-selling newspaper award from the national news vendors association in 1996, and online since 2000, the publisher and founder, Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, renown journalist and media scholar thought it fit to re-register and relaunch with the first edition of the relaunched Expo Times newspaper coming out on the 5th of September, 2022 and  the first edition of the Expo Magazine coming out in January 2023.