First Lady - Fatima Bio

By Kabs KANU


People are wondering why Sara the Great , who used to criticize the First Lady, FATIMA BIO , has suddenly burst into praises for the young woman , lauding her publicly for her loyalty to her husband, her causes and the things she believes in and does for her country.

SLPP supporters,  who never forgive, are blasting Sara the Great, saying that he must not be trusted; that the praises are self- serving; that he is covering up something; that he wants to return home or he is seeking favours from the Bios. I do not think these are the reasons Sara praised FATIMA BIO.

Sara is highlighting the hypocrisy in our society where we hail villains and clobber people with admirable virtues, whatever else they might be doing wrong.


To say the truth, I too, I am secretly impressed by FATIMA BIO and I see a lot of growth, maturity and changes in her demeanour as she continues to bask in political power and influence. Whatever happened to her to make her change her path from the previous garrulous and annoying FATIMA to the calm, unruffled, focused FATIMA is simply amazing and it confirms what the Bible warns about prejudging people. Human beings can change and we must be always ready to embrace these changes in good faith when they happen.


FATIMA BIO , truly, Is a model of loyalty and faithfulness. She can be very annoying but when it comes to loyalty, faithfulness and hard and committed service, she is one of a kind. Her faithfulness to her husband, our quarry, is admirable.


When you are faithful to a person or cause, you do not have to follow the expectations of other people. What is in your heart is what you follow and this is what is most impressive here. People might hate you and chastise you for your loyalty and faithfulness but as my father used to advice me, those same people will secretly respect you and one day they will burst out with praise for you, even if they do not agree with you, because loyalty and faithfulness are precious and treasured values. Amen?


We live today in a world seething with disloyalties, unfaithfulness, sellouts , treachery , false loyalties, untruthfulness, untrustworthiness, put-ups, and perfidy, which we call in our local dialects MUNAFIKI.  I used to have a friend, still alive , but no longer encouraged, whom  my detractors always quoted when they wanted to tear me apart . “Nar dat make ———-said this or that about you. Now, we see. “ I kept wondering : “Oose kind paddy ah get so, wey Nar him me detractors den dey always quote ? “ . I took the bold decision and I cut him off one day, because I decided that he was an enemy, not a friend.Nar snake paddy.  Your true friend will love you, in spite of your shortcomings and will defend you to your adversaries in your presence  or absence, while advising you in private.


Fatima has worked hard. I do not see anybody in the SLPP Government working as hard and efficiently as Fatima Bio.


FATIMA Bio knew before she answered Maada Bio’s love overtures that his name was not delicious or sweet in the soup. Bad vibes have always followed Maada Bio, who is not a lovable person. Bio was not rich either. They rode rundown buses in London, in which Bio could be seen wearing cheap skatie shoes  and inferior clothes. But the world- renowned film star she was, it was not her fellow celebrities wearing Gucci or Versachi that she wanted. She wanted poor and famished Maada Bio and stuck to him, despite all the sticks Bio was receiving. If you do not call that faithfulness that should be lauded from the rooftops, you need your head re- examined.


I have been married almost 50 years. I got married very young. I got married at the peak of youthful exuberance . What is keeping me and my wife together, while marriages all around us are failing and collapsing spectacularly ? It is love and faithfulness. Loyalty, faithfulness and love. There are no substitutes for them. Without them, we would have separated long ago.


In explaining why Sara praised Fatima and adding my voice there, I too want nothing from her or her husband. The American government is taking very good care of me. I do not scratch my head for anything and my insurance is 99% free. If I were to go live in Sierra Leone with all my benefits, I would live like a king , with servants and luxury cars. But where truth is concerned, let us say it. It is hurtful even to me to praise Fatima Bio, after what her husband and party have done to my people, but truth is truth. My mother used to like quoting this Lokko parable : Let the hare be praised for its speed and let the dog be annoyed but it is the truth.


So, Sara The Great was trying to make a salient point. Please do not bash him. Try to understand.


Sara  too wants nothing from the Bios. He is very comfortable in America. But he wanted to make a point and deliver an object lesson. Loyal, faithful, unbending, unbendable, unequivocal , inflexible , people are priceless. You might not love them for their loyalty and faithfulness. You might not love what they are loyal to. But when all is said and done, you definitely admire them because they are not pliable, wishy – washy, pliant, stretchable, bendable, flip-floppy or acquiescent.


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