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‘Dr. Shaw’s Contribution to Knowledge and Research is Unmatchable’ Dr Francis Sowa.

Senior   lecturer of the Mass Communications Department at FBC and Chairman of the Media Reform Coordinating Group MRCG Dr. Francis Sowa has described the contributions

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VP Julden Jalloh Launches war on Kush

By Sulaiman Jalloh


VP Dr Juldeh Jalloh speaking at the launch

In a bid to to halt the spread of the killer drug, Kush, in the country, Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh  on Tuesday, April 2d, 2024, launched the fight against the spread and the intake of the drug.

In a well-attended town hall meeting held at the Bintumani Conference Centre, the Vice President said much has been done and more is expected in the fight against the menace in the country, noting that the government of President Bio spends 22% of the country’s budget on education, something he said is the way forward; but noted that, with the spread of Kush in the country, it is challenging to achieve expected gains in education and other sectors.

“Kush is everyone’s business,” he said, while recognizing that the town hall meeting is for the government to explain to the people of Sierra Leone and development partners on what has been done and what is expected to be done to remedy the situation.

He said government have details of what has been done saying the fight is not only to arrest people, but to look after victims and rehabilitate them in order to reintegrate them back to society.

“As the chairman of the police council, I have given the order that anyone arrested on drugs, no amount of lawyers will apply bail for them,” he disclosed, adding that if found guilty, they will not see sun light. According to him, a few days ago, the government intercepted two suspicious containers with seven suspects who are helping with the investigation.

He added that the Bio led government will establish clinical assistance to young people who are affected by the harmful substance, pointing out that more needs to be done.

VP Jalloh said President Bio has instructed him to establish a national taskforce to enhance the fight against drugs, especially Kush. He added that the taskforce will consist of civil society groups, development partners and cabinet members.

Making a statement, the Minister of Social Welfare, Melrose Karminty said the government is determined to adequately handle the situation; adding that through her ministry, government has for the first time developed a rehabilitation center for Kush addicts, saying they are poised to roll out a nationwide sensitization on drug.

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