VP Jalloh High-Level Talks With Senegal's New Prime Minister


In a strategic move to bolster bilateral ties, Sierra Leone’s Vice President, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, commenced his Monday with a pivotal working meeting alongside Senegal’s freshly appointed Prime Minister, Ousmane Sonko.

The meeting, held at the vice president’s office, delved into multifaceted avenues of collaboration between the two nations.

Vice President Jalloh underscored the importance of enhancing cooperation in diverse sectors, including trade, air transport, cultural exchange, and technical expertise.

Expressing admiration for Prime Minister Sonko’s astute comprehension of the intricate bilateral relationship, Jalloh lauded his counterpart’s commitment to fostering a robust partnership.

“I was very impressed by his knowledge and deep understanding of our bilateral relationship,” remarked Vice President Jalloh during the meeting. “Prime Minister Sonko’s readiness to explore new opportunities, particularly in value addition of mineral resources and energy, is indeed promising for both our nations.”

Central to their discussions was the urgent need to operationalize the Sierra Leone – Senegal commission, envisioned as a pivotal mechanism to propel the partnership forward and capitalize on emerging prospects.

Both leaders concurred on the necessity of swift action in activating the commission, which is poised to serve as a conduit for realizing novel perspectives and shared objectives.

The establishment of the commission signifies a significant step towards fortifying the bond between Sierra Leone and Senegal, fostering mutual growth, and harnessing the untapped potential within their bilateral relationship.

As both nations embark on this collaborative journey, the stage is set for a dynamic era of cooperation and advancement across various domains.

Credit: Sierra Leone Monitor


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