Tourism Ministry Signs MOU

The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs has forged a dynamic partnership with Liberty Online TV to craft compelling content and promote the Tourism for All campaign across diverse multimedia platforms. This collaborative endeavor strengthens the Ministry’s network of alliances in advancing the ethos of inclusive tourism.

Mrs. Nabeela Tunis, the Minister, expressed her satisfaction with the partnership and commended Liberty Online TV’s dedication to amplifying tourism through their platform. She underscored the Ministry’s commitment to enhance inclusive partnerships to promote tourism to and the necessary support for enhancing Liberty TV’s content, heralding a mutually beneficial collaboration in promoting tourism within Sierra Leone and globally.

In response, Kadijah Bangura, Managing Partner of Liberty Online TV, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to Sierra Leone’s tourism landscape. Emphasizing their online media platform’s pledge to produce and disseminate content that enriches the laudable Tourism for All Campaign, Bangura affirmed Liberty TV’s dedication to elevating the sector and attracting visitors to Sierra Leone.

Edward Kwame Yankson, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, hailed the MOU as a cornerstone for fostering collaboration. He assured Liberty TV of the Ministry’s active involvement in the ongoing Tourism for All campaign, while urging them to provide comprehensive publicity and captivating content to bolster tourist attraction and the TFA campaign promotion.

The signing ceremony witnessed by Mr Mohamed Jalloh, Director of Tourism, Tavel and Exchange Programmes, further solidifies the Ministry’s commitment to this partnership.

Credit – MTCA Communications

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