Tourism Minister Engages Tourist Board

Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Nabeela Farida Tunis, held a routine meeting with the staff of the National Tourist Board (NTB) at the National Tourist Board Office at Lumley Beach.

The meeting sought to engage staff on current reforms established to boost effectiveness and efficiency, recognizing the institution’s crucial role in promoting tourism.

During the meeting, NTB staff elaborated on the complexities of their job roles, the evolving nature of their responsibilities, and provided insightful suggestions for enhancing their capabilities to achieve the desired results. They highlighted the importance of adapting to changing trends in the tourism industry to maintain competitiveness.

While acknowledging the challenges faced Minister Tunis encouraged staff to stay committed to their mandate and uphold the highest standards to foster growth and improvement in the sector.

Emphasizing on the need for greater transparency and accountability, Minister Tunis set deadlines for the staff to provide information that will enhance revenue generation and professionalism in the sector. In particular, the Classification and Marketing divisions are to supply the necessary data to achieve these goals.

The NTB is currently undergoing a Management and Functional Review (MFR), as requested by the Ministry and this engagement was also aligned with the Government’s Performance Tracking System that all staff members are expected to adhere to.

Accompanying the Minister were Permanent Secretary Edward Kwame Yankson, SLEDP’s Tourism Specialist Prince Giama, and Acting Senior Assistant Secretary Fatmata Samura. The General Manager Mrs Fatmata Carew and her Deputy Mr Jeffrey Moijueh were also in attendance.

Credit – MTCA Communications

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