The increasing reports of isolated physical attacks on persons found to be gay seem to have no end in sight as the recent case of Osman Sesay and his male partner John Kamara indicates.

According to a resident and closed family member of Brima Lane, Kissy in Freetown who identified himself as John Kamara exposed Osman Sesay as his male partner for abandoned him and later found out that he is out of the country without his knowledge.

According sources Osman Sesay and John Kamara are strong members of the gay society and nobody knows about that in the entire community until his gay partner John Kamara exposed this secret to the entire community.

We learnt that the family of Osman Sesay are devoted Muslim and his uncle is the Chief Imam of the mosque at the community who said this is a disgrace to the family.

“We could not bear the shock of what is said about our son to be a gay and his male partner to expose this secret to the entire community. We have alerted our neighbours and family members to look out for John Kamara as he shouted in apparent disgust,” a closed family member who referred not to be named explained the incidence to this press; adding that John Kamara had fled the residence to seek refuge to unknown location whether in Sierra Leone or elsewhere.

This closed family member said that the incidence happened on the 15 October 2019.  He further explained that several threats is reported to Osman’s life from unknown persons who feel strongly about gays in the country as their sexual orientation is believed to cross the margins of tradition and societal decency, John Kamara decided to flee Brima Lane to where he could feel safe.

To compound Osman’s situation, the closed family member went on, his family has disowned him for what they say is bringing the name of the family into disrepute.

It is worth noting that Sierra Leone is one of the countries in West Africa that still haven’t enacted laws to ensure persons with same sex orientation are protected hence the continued atmosphere of insecurity felt by hundreds of these people around the country.

Many have been lucky to escape to other countries while others have been unlucky to have fallen in the net of group of people who have taken as a pastime to physically attack and harm persons indulged in same sex.

To date, the life of Osman Sesay reportedly remains threaten since he was exposed by his male partner who has also disappeared because of his life by his gay partners across the country.

Expo Times Global News – Sierra Leone