SLFA Boss & TEAm Attend

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) is making a significant appearance at the 74th FIFA Congress, held today, Friday, May 17th, in Bangkok, Thailand. The SLFA is represented by its President Thomas Daddy Brima, Acting General Secretary Mohamed Benson Bawoh, and Western Area Regional Chairman Pst. Philip Buck.

Sierra Leone is honored to be one of the three appointed scrutineers for this year’s congress. In this capacity, Mohamed Benson Bawoh, the Acting General Secretary of the SLFA, will undertake the critical role of a scrutineer in the historic proceedings. This responsibility underscores Sierra Leone’s growing influence and active participation in global football governance.

The 74th FIFA Congress is a pivotal event, bringing together football associations from around the world to discuss and decide on key issues shaping the future of the sport. Sierra Leone’s involvement highlights its commitment to contributing to international football affairs and promoting the sport’s development both locally and globally.

Credit – SLFA Media Department

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