President Bio and Dr Samura Kamara

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay


The man called Wise King Solomon in the Bible, got his name, which means ‘Peaceable” from the fact that throughout his 40 years reign over Israel, there was perfect peace not only within Israel itself but with all the surrounding nations.

This was in contrast with the reign of his Dad, David whose 40 years reign was marked with 40 years of total unrest.

How did Solomon achieve what his dad couldn’t in 40 years?: Both national and international cohesion?

Solomon chose to go against the norm then that Israelites must not marry wives from other nations neither have concubines among them.

Solomon married 700 and had 300 concubines and most were from other nations.

That move was to quieten things for him and the land of Israel.

President Bio and Dr Samura Kamara in warm handshake

Here in Sierra Leone, the people have been craving for that bonding where Sierra Leoneans see each other as just Sierra Leoneans and bond with each other with equal opportunities served and equal associations dished out.

National Cohesion somewhat, that act or state of sticking together, a close union.

Sierra Leoneans must now stick to each other like plaster for the land that we love to have rest.


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