Sierra Leone and Egypt Forge

By Pst. Mohamed Alpha Koroma


In a significant stride towards bolstering public sector efficiency and professionalism, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Public Administration and Political Affairs, Hon. Amara Kallon, has engaged in a groundbreaking partnership with key institutions in Egypt. This partnership, forged under the auspices of President Bio’s transformative agenda, aims to revamp Sierra Leone’s public administration landscape and propel the nation towards sustainable development.

The recent meeting between Minister Kallon and Prof. Dr. Saleh El Sheikh, head of Egypt’s Central Agency for Organisation and Administration (CAOA), at the Public Administration Centre in Cairo, marks a pivotal moment in this collaborative effort. The discussions underscored the shared commitment of both nations to enhance governance and service delivery through comprehensive reforms.

Central to the discussions was Sierra Leone’s ambitious “Big Five Game Changers – Transforming the Public Service Architecture” initiative, particularly Pillar 5, which focuses on revitalizing the public sector to better serve the nation. Minister Kallon emphasized the importance of reengineering public service priorities to foster efficiency, transparency, and professionalism. Key agenda items included the establishment of the Ministry of Political and Public Affairs, civil service appraisal systems, promotion mechanisms, and incentives to combat corruption.

Sierra Leone’s Public Service Commission, represented by Kalilu O. Bah, highlighted the public’s demand for improved administration, human rights protection, and governance. The creation of the Wages and Compensation Commission underscores the government’s commitment to addressing wage imbalances and ensuring fair compensation for civil servants.

The partnership with Egypt holds great promise for Sierra Leone’s development agenda. Prof. Dr. Saleh El Sheikh emphasized the critical role of modernizing human resource management in public administration reform. Egypt’s experience and expertise will be instrumental in implementing necessary workforce reforms and promoting south-south cooperation for Africa’s development.

Sadiq Silla, Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Egypt, reaffirmed the embassy’s dedication to facilitating this partnership, which aligns with broader agreements between the two nations. The collaboration extends beyond public administration reform, encompassing various sectors critical to national development.

Sulaiman Phoray Musa, Director General of Sierra Leone’s Public Service Reform Unit (PSRU), expressed eagerness to adopt Egypt’s public sector reform model. The PSRU aims to attract top talent, strengthen performance management, and advance e-government initiatives to modernize Sierra Leone’s public service delivery.

The meeting also emphasized the importance of securing international support for implementing the new Public Service Law and advancing digitalization efforts. These strategies aim to redesign Sierra Leone’s performance management system, enhance human resource management training, and foster organizational development.

The partnership between Sierra Leone and Egypt signals a new era of collaboration and progress in public administration reform. With a shared vision and commitment to excellence, both nations are poised to unlock the full potential of their public sectors for the benefit of their citizens and the continent as a whole.

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