The Muslim members of the Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) have organized an Iftar at the SALWACO Boardroom,Tower Hill in Freetown on Monday 8th, April 2024.

The Jamaat of SALWACO decided to stage the activity as a way to remind worshipers as Ramadan draws to a close.

Sheikh Hillal Amin Turay was the Guest Lecturer and officiating Imaam during the Iftar. A number of SALWACO staff and non staff members witnessed and benefitted from the Iftar.

Chairman of the event, Sheku Putka Kamara, SALWACO’s Senior Communications Officer said that the thrust of the Iftar was to unite the institution’s workforce plus to remind all present about the importance of Ramadan and the benefits of not turning back even after the holy month may have ended. He said that the gesture which was entirely staff driven was further aimed at making sure that the Muslim Jamaat of SALWACO realizes a better and stronger sense of purpose. He appreciated the SALWACO leadership for the show of support to stage the program, particularly making reference to the Managing Director of SALWACO, Ing. George Lamin Vandi and the Deputy Managing Director, Apostle Albert Harrison Harvey.

Putka stated that it is always welcoming to share the word of the Almighty, noting that staff members present should therefore make a valuable use of the opportunity.

Delivering the Iftar Lecture, Sheikh Hillal Amin Turay spoke on the importance of Ramadan and the need to stay and remain steadfast even after. He remarked that one of the best practices of a good Muslim is to negate vices and to tolerate, nature and encourage endless virtues. He stated that Ramadan should be seen as an opportunity to make amends and to strengthen faith and worship. He said that mankind should be result oriented and purpose driven in the pursuit of life’s aspirations.

Sheikh Hillal added that the SALWACO Muslim Jamaat had embarked on a laudable venture which is worth emulating, stating that upholding such positives will be a step in the right direction. He said that Allah does not intend and or wish to trouble any soul, but urged all present to inclulcate rightist perspectives.

He thanked the SALWACO Muslim Jamaat for the invite and prayed for the leadership and management of the institution, noting that it is prudent to mean well and good for one another in all places of work and institutions.

Before the closing of the session, there was a quick question and answer session where attendees where reminded to have eaten something on Eid day before heading for prayers (a sign/mark of the end of fasting).

Ing. Osman Bangura, SALWACO’s Station Manager in Mile 91, gave the vote of thanks and expressed optimism on how staff members will make a judicious usage of the delivered message whiles enormously thanking and appreciating Sheikh Hillal Amin Turay for honoring the invite and to deliver the succinct presentation.

A specific duah was made for all SALWACO members of staff and especially those that contributed in making the Iftar a success.

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