The management of Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) in Kenema has held a meeting with the Regional Fire Force (RFF), Eastern Region to discuss on water collected at various SALWACO hydrants without prior knowledge of the water company.

Among the fruitful resolutions during the engagement is that the the RFF should take record of water collected for fire fights, stakeholder supply and that a monthly report should be made available to SALWACO.

It was further agreed that all stakeholders requesting for water supply from the RFF should be referred to SALWACO.

Ing. Lansana Ba Sawi, Regional Manager-East for SALWACO, made it clear that the company is in no way preventing the RFF from accessing water from SALWACO hydrants, but noted that they are merely ensuring that water collected by RFF is accounted for and accordingly, too.

“We are fully aware of the role played by the RFF in fire fights and will in no way prevent you from accessing water from our hydrants, but however, we want you to record and be accountable for the water that is collected,” Ing Sawi disclosed.

It is hoped that the engagement will ensure the adherence of specific institutional aspirations as outlined during the fruitful meeting.

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