By Sheku Putka Kamara


The Leadership of the Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) is currently embarking on nationwide trainings on billings and metre readings at various work stations. In Kenema, the Commercial Officer, Madam Margaret Sandi in collaboration with the SALWACO-Kenema Management Team held a brief training to ensure effective billing and metre reading.

According to her, a checklist has been developed which every staff should use appropriately. She added that staff should ensure that correct readings are taken and recorded and that phone numbers of such customers should also be recorded.

She further stressed that all errors detected in the field should be reported and thus informed the general staff, especially the plumbers and bill distributors that the current data base system being used does not allow changes except permitted by the company’s IT manager.

The Regional Manager, Mr. Lansana Ba-Sawi in making the closing remarks during the engagement encouraged all Metre Readers and Bill Distributors to ensure reaching every customer and to further furnish the office with accurate data.

He stressed that the primary aim of the activities is to improve revenue mobilization and generation of the company, which he said is pivotal to the growth and successful operations of the institution.