PI-welcome OTEC Engineering to


OTEC Engineering – an energy investment firm engaged the Chairman of the Presidential Initiative on Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Food Security and his team to discuss potential investment in the energy sector, especially in renewables.

OTEC’s Executive General Manager, Fan Lian, stated that they had met with the Ministry of Energy and are meeting with the Chairman and his team to see how they can all work together to revamp Sierra Leone’s energy sector.  In particular, they expressed an interest in solar, hydropower and wind power.

Chairman Yumkella took the opportunity to appraise them of President’s Bio vision for the energy sector including desire for both short- and long-term solutions to fixing the country’s ailing energy sector including the Bumbuna Hydro project which with two additional turbines can increase the energy supply in the country.

Yumkella further challenged the group to pursue long-term energy solutions that are sustainable, noting that this is an option that President Bio is interested in.

Following the meeting with PI-CREF, OTEC will meet with the Ministry of Energy. They are expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today which includes the implementation 50 Megawatts solar installation, the provision of smart meters to curb electricity theft in the country among other emergency solutions to the current energy problems the country faces.

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