MTHE Meet With Silk Road Youth Forum Discuss

Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Technical and Higher Education (MTHE) has joined hands with Silk Road Youth Forum, a prestigious organization based in the People’s Republic of China, to discuss potential areas of collaboration, support and investment for the Ministry. This meeting marks an important milestone for both parties in strengthening bilateral relations and exploring new opportunities for the youth of Sierra Leone.

Founded in 2017, Silk Road Youth Forum has been serving as an international platform for young people to come together and contribute to the Belt and Road initiative. The main objective of this forum is to cultivate a community with a shared future for mankind, by encouraging young minds to take part in the development of the Belt and Road project. Being an important organ of the Belt Road Initiative (BRI), Silk Road Youth Forum has been playing a vital role in promoting, empowering and supporting youth programs and activities in China.

During the meeting, Sierra Leone’s Deputy Ambassador to China, Saffa-Woya Rogers, shared his insights on the significant role played by Silk Road Youth Forum as an arm of the Central Political Party of China. He highlighted the forum’s primary responsibility of promoting youth-oriented programs and activities in China. However, he also emphasized that the organization has started expanding its reach beyond China and is now looking towards collaborating with other countries.

The Vice Chairman of Silk Road Youth Forum, Yang Dongping, emphasized the organization’s commitment to go beyond its roots in China and reach out to countries in need, such as Sierra Leone. According to him, this move is a testament to their belief in the power of collaboration and the potential it holds for the development of youth globally.

He highlighted the importance of investing in the youth as they are the future of any country. He also mentioned that the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, attaches great importance to the China-Africa relationship and the development of human resources in African countries. This aligns with Silk Road Youth Forum’s mission to support and empower the youth, recognizing them as key drivers of progress and development.

In response to the submission made by the team from Silk Road Youth Forum, Deputy Minister of Technical and Higher Education, Sarjoh Aziz-Kamara, expressed his gratitude towards Silk Road Youth Forum for their initiative to provide assistance to Sierra Leone. He highlighted the Government of Sierra Leone’s Big-Five Game Changers as key areas where support from Silk Road Youth Forum would greatly benefit the country. These include “Feed Salone”, “Human Capital Development”, “Youth Employment Scheme (YES!)”, “Revamping the Public Service Architecture”, and “Tech and Infrastructure.”

The Deputy Minister stressed the importance of shifting towards a more skills-based education system rather than solely focusing on theoretical elements. He also emphasized the crucial role of the youth in this transformation and their potential to drive sustainable economic growth.

He assured the Silk Road Youth Forum team that the Ministry will put together a comprehensive document outlining the specific areas where their support is needed. This document will be presented to the organization, further solidifying the partnership between the two parties.

Other Directors of the Ministry discussed how both parties could work together to achieve mutual goals. Key areas of focus were “Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET),” “the need for support in Science Education,” “and the importance of investing in Human Resources.”

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