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Leone Rock Metal Group consistently adheres to the Mines and Mineral Development Act recently passed by the government. The company has on the 14th March, 2024 made its annual surface rent payment for three License (CKH, Northern Mining & Mass Energy) to six communities: Kafe, Simiria, Tane, Kholifa Rowalla, Sambaia, and Dansogoia Chiefdom respectively.

The occasion was held at the Tonkolili District  Council Hall and drew a substantial attendance, including regional geologists, representatives from the NMA, members of parliament, stakeholders from the Tonkolili District Council, and staff from Leone Rock Metal Group.

The Mines and Mineral Development Act stipulates that “A land lease or other rights to use land obtained by holders of large-scale mining licenses shall be subject to surface rent. This rent is distributed as follows: landowners receive 70%, paramount chiefs receive 10%, the constituency and development fund receive 10%, and the district council receives 10%”.

LRMG remains committed to fulfilling its complex responsibilities to its operational communities and is recognized as a significant development agent in the mining sector of the country.

Giving the purpose and intent of the gathering, the Director Community Affairs LRMG extended heartfelt gratitude to the communities of Kafe, Simiria, Sambaia, Dansogoia, Kholifa Rowallah and Tane as well as to the paramount chiefs, for their continued support and collaboration. He underscored that the annual surface rent payment reflects the company’s dedication to fulfilling their obligations and fostering positive relationships with its operational communities. “We are proud to contribute to the socio-economic development of these areas and remain committed to being a responsible corporate citizen”, he concluded.

Speaking on behalf of the paramount chiefs, PC Dr. Masakma Madibie of Kafe Chiefdom expressed gratitude to the company for its substantial development initiatives in their communities and its responsiveness to the needs of its operational areas. He encouraged beneficiaries to utilize the received payments for beneficial purposes.

Asaka Bangura, representatives of the Landowners; Simiria Chiefdom expressed sincere appreciation to Leone Rock Metal Group for their adherence to the Mines and Mineral Development Act and their commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities to their communities.

“This timely payment of surface rent demonstrates the company’s recognition of the value of our land and the importance of equitable distribution of resources. We are grateful for the 70% share allocated to landowners, which reflects the significance of our role in the mining activities taking place on our land”

The meeting concluded with the community stakeholders expressing optimism and high hopes that the company will continue its e

fforts in their operations, ensuring ongoing development and progress.

Credit – PR & Media Unit, LRMG

Copy right –Printed in the Expo Times News on Monday, march 18th, 2023 (ExpoTimes News – Expo Media Group (