Dear TECH, it’s 2024 we know, but I just wish to ask what the future holds for the media industry in Sierra Leone. Can we all agree that not everyone can be a media editor? If you are not informed, how do you expect to inform people? This calls for some introspection. Media owners and managers should be mindful about the kinds of people they allow to lead editorship. The moment we get that wrong, maybe and just maybe, all other things may be off the hook and that is surely not a way to go!

Hi TECH, the other day, I sent a note on why universities should improve conditions and services more so as they have increased fees etc. Must we continue to urge responsible ministries, departments and agencies about what and what they should do? How crazy could that be? How terrible! We know that education is expensive, but come on, if students have paid fees, they deserve better services. We cannot continue to operate in this manner. That is devilish and selfish. No tables and chairs for students even after given them acceptance letters? COME ON!

Again TECH – Epileptic electricity! What is really happening with EDSA? Current trends are clearly not impressive. How did we arrive at such an unwelcomed situation. Say what you may, the Capital is very dark. The city deserves better. EDSA should man up. Kanja should do more. This is not welcoming. Even in the nights when the heats are all over the place, one hardly sees EDSA. This is 2024. We cannot and we should not continue like this! GROW UP EDSA!

Just lastly TECH, the Ministry of Lands needs to step up. The grabbing is becoming rampant. What is happening at John Obey and other places? Sanitation is needed. What is happening currently is not welcoming. We may not want to get to the point of naming and shaming, but just if this is not looked into and settled anytime soon, we’ve got some sorting to do.


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