Rains – Yes, the rains have started, but are we truly prepared as a people to face some of the inevitable consequences? From living in disaster prone areas to doing all sorts of other negativities and we are quick to call on government for ABC. Maybe and just maybe, we all should begin to act right and now!

Clean Salone – Even with the number of clean Salone guys around town, we still have compatriots that have not seen the need to be tidy enough. How terrible. We all should really try to embrace the idea of the duty to self and to society. If we agree that cleaning areas and places is an appreciable venture, I wonder why anyone should do anything that is contrary. A real change of attitude is needed in this country.

Ministers – You guys have heard from President Bio. In summary, no one is baby-sitting you. You either deliver or you allow others to do so. All presidential appointees should consider it as a unique privilege because there are thousands if not millions of qualified others, but God and government chose you. So, you should be able to match standards and leave up to expectations. If not, we would not be sorry.

 Copyright –Published in print in Expo Times Newspaper on Friday, June 3rd , 2024 (ExpoTimes News – Expo Media Group (expomediasl.com)