William Sellu - Inspector General of Sierra Leone Police

By; Amara Thoronka



Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has placed a Fifty Million Old Leone [equivalence of Fifty Thousand New Leone] for anyone who provides the police with information that would lead to the arrest and prosecution of those who attacked the armoury at Wilberforce Barracks and some prisons and police stations, causing the escape of several prisoners, loss of lives and instability on Sunday, 26thNovember, 2023.

In the case of escaped prisoners, police said they have placed a Ten Million Old Leones reward [equivalence of Ten Thousand New Leones] for information leading to the arrest of prisoners or suspects that were ‘illegally released’.

“… A handsome reward of Fifty Thousand New Leones (NLe 50,000) will be offered to anyone who provides any useful information that could lead to the arrest and prosecution of any of the assailants, who were involved in the security breach, and an additional Ten Thousand New Leones (NLe 10,000) for the arrest of prisoners or suspects that were illegally released from [some] correctional centres and police stations on Sunday, 26th November, 2023,” a police public notice, dated 27th November, 2023, stated.

Explaining what happened, police said: “In the early hours of Sunday, November 26th, 2023, some unidentified individuals attempted to break into the military armoury at Wilberforce Barracks in Freetown. This same group of assailants proceeded to the Pademba Road and Special Court correctional centres, Kissy Police Station and Calaba Town Police Station; broke open the cells and unlawfully released a good number of prisoners and suspects.”

The SLP urged the public to assist with relevant information that would help in expediting the ‘full-scale investigation’ which they said has been launched by the Criminal Investigations Department “with the view to ascertain the facts and motive behind it [the incident].”

According to the police, some of the prisoners had already turned themselves in; noting that, “Their efforts, in doing so, are recognized, applauded and at the same time, appreciated.”

The Sierra Leone Police disclosed that it has instituted a manhuntto re-arrest “these assailants, prisoners and suspects,” while advising “all prisoners and suspects that were unlawfully released from both correctional centres and police stations on the aforesaid date to report themselves at the nearest police station or risk being arrested and prosecuted for ‘Escape from Lawful Custody”.

Copy right –Printed in the Expo Times News on Wednesday, November 29th, 2023 (ExpoTimes News – Expo Media Group (expomediasl.com)