Law Graduates Start Volunteer

Ten law graduates drawn from different colleges have begun volunteer programmes with the National Sports Authority (NSA) at its Signal Hill Road office in Freetown.

The programme is designed to last for a minimum of three months.

NSA Executive Director Dr. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Esq said the initiative aims to provide an opportunity for fresh graduates from different disciplines to acquire practical work experience, focusing on and learning sports laws.

“The volunteers can contribute to areas such as the Sports Development Fund legal framework, anti-doping rules and policies, and the national court of arbitration and mediations.

“While there will be some form of remuneration, the actual value lies in the invaluable learning experience,” he added.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Swaray, the Deputy Executive Director of NSA, spoke about the significance of law in governing sports, noting that leveraging the expertise of legal professionals can significantly benefit the NSA in establishing and enforcing regulations. He highlighted that the NSA’s establishment by an act of parliament underscores the importance of understanding legal frameworks.

He furthered that sports law presents a unique and potentially lucrative field for aspiring lawyers, offering an introduction to a specialized discipline within the legal profession.

Osman Gbla, one of the volunteers, expressed gratitude to the NSA for the opportunity and pointed out his anticipation to learn new experience.

The presence of Mr. Shamsu Mustapha and John Ngebah from the NSA at the meeting further underscored the Authority’s commitment to nurturing young talents and promoting the understanding of sports law among future legal professionals.

The volunteer programme initiated by the NSA serves as a commendable initiative to provide practical exposure to young graduates while emphasizing the importance of legal expertise in the realm of sports governance. Through this programme, the NSA aims to not only enhance its operations but also contribute to the professional development of aspiring legal minds in the field of sports law.

Credit – NSA Media

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