By; Alusine Fullah


9-year-old Umaro Daboh stabbed his 8-year-old cousin Fatmata Mansaray, an action that reported caused her death. The incidence took place at 11 Korgbende Street in Koidu City, Gbense Chiefdom, Kono District. Mohamed Daboh, stepfather of the suspect, informed Expo Times that at around 5: 30a.m on Thursday, 23th November, 2023, Umaro Daboh stabbed his cousin with a knife.

Mohamed Daboh further explained that the deceased in question was sleeping in the morning hours when her cousin, Umaro Daboh, stabbed her on her left side of her chest. He added that after doing the act, Umaro went to mosque and joined congregational prayers.

“We both went to mosque and only few minutes later my wife told me that Umaro Daboh had stabbed cousin. I immediately rushed to the house and we took her to the Koidu Government Hospital and she was later pronounced dead…the accused is a notorious drug addict and normally misbehaved badly whenever he could afford to buy his drugs,” he said.

Meanwhile, turning the phone to the deceased’s mother, Mariama Daboh, she narrated that she noticed movement from the parlour to the bedroom where the deceased was sleeping.

She muttered on the phone: “I heard the yell from the deceased’s room. I rushed into the room and later discovered Fatmata Mansaray in her cool blood and she was painfully struggling to die… I shouted! I shouted,” she lamented.

Komba Sorie of police media team of Tankoro Police Divisional Headquaters said: “The police have taken swift action in this inhuman act. The investigations are ongoing…the deceased in question had been taken to the Koidu Government Hospital Mortuary for post-mortem.

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