IWPG Holds the 5 annual


Su Jin Park, Regional Director of IWPG Global Region 5, announced on the 29th that on the 27th, it held “The 5th Annual Commemoration of the April 26th ‘International Women’s Peace Day'” in collaboration with five regional branches in South Korea (Daegu, Pohang, Gumi, Gyeongju, and Andong).

On April 26, 2019, IWPG proclaimed ‘International Women’s Peace Day,’ a global peace festival for women, and this year marks its 5th anniversary. This annual commemoration, held on April 26, takes place both online and offline around the world, serving as a day for women globally to unite and reaffirm their commitment to achieving peace.

The commemoration ceremony, held at the main auditorium of the DGB Daegu Bank Second Headquarters, was themed “Women, Achieve Peace the World Needs!” and was attended by approximately 360 members of the peace family. It served as a platform for building solidarity among women dedicated to achieving world peace.

The ceremony was divided into two parts. The first part included the following events: a commemorative address by Hyeon Suk Yoon, IWPG Chairwoman; a welcome speech by Su Jin Park, Regional Director; the appointment ceremony of the Global Region 5 Peace Committee Representative; and the reading of the International Women’s Peace Pledge.

Chairwoman Hyeon Suk Yoon stated, “Through International Women’s Peace Day, I hope all women will unite and join in advocating for the legislation of the ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War’ (DPCW) to achieve sustainable peace.” She emphasized support for the DPCW and solidarity through ‘Women Peace Education.’

Agatha Sushila Dias, founder of ‘Amcha Ghar’ in India and IWPG Ambassador, emphasized in a congratulatory video that the DPCW is the only solution to achieving world peace, urging all 4 billion women worldwide to unite in support of it.

In the subsequent Peace Committee appointment ceremony, seven individuals from the five branches were appointed as peace activity leaders. Lee Eun Sung, the Peace Committee Representative from the Pohang Branch, expressed, “If women unite for world peace as we have today, peace can eventually be achieved. As a Peace Committee Representative, I will take the lead in spreading peace to many women in the future.”

The second part of the commemorative event, themed “Boosting the Momentum of Peace, Cultivating Culture” featured a variety of captivating peace-themed cultural performances and activities.

In particular, a group performance expressing ‘PEACE’ with flowers symbolized the members’ commitment to blooming the flower of peace through ‘women’s solidarity.’

In the second part, the intangible cultural heritage performers, Kwon Sun-yeo, Myung-sook Ham, and Dae-sik Park, who are inheritors of the ‘Seodo Sori Sanjo Tradition’, expressed, “It is an honor to be part of the commemorative event as peace performers, and we look forward to the active peace activities of IWPG in the future.”

Su Jin Park, the Regional Director of Global Region 5 stated, “As IWPG celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, it has gained prominence globally beyond South Korea.” They added, “With the newly appointed Peace Committee Representatives at the center, we hope to see voluntary flowers of peace blooming in each branch, fostering even more active solidarity among women.”

IWPG, registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Department of Global Communications (DGC), is an international women’s NGO headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It collaborates with 660 partner organizations worldwide, including 121 countries and 114 branches, to actively engage in peace activities. With a vision of “Achieving Sustainable World Peace,” IWPG is dedicated to fostering solidarity, promoting a culture of peace, advancing Women Peace Education, and advocating for legal and institutional frameworks.

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