Hawa Yokie

Chief Executive and Co- Founder of the Kamara Yokie Innovation Center, Hawa Yokie has disclosed that innovation is about finding solutions to the available problems in society, nothing citizens have a greater role to play in proffering these solutions by using the available resources to creates new ideas.

“You don’t have to be a scientist or a technology expert before you become an innovator, you can identify a problem in your community and find solution to it” Madam Yokie asserts, adding she was motivated to do innovation at a time she visited a local community and find out that students were failing exams because they don’t have light to study, but she was moved to provide a chinese light for the students.

According to the CEO, innovation is a whole World of art that people can use to change issues that are happening into today’s World, and thus she  established the ‘Kamara Yokie innovation center’ adding their focus is to bring young folks together and trained and equip them. She noted that, her organization is focusing on training young people in technology, web development.

Madam Yokie however, encouraged citizens especially the youths to make use of the available resources to create jobs

She made the disclosure during the Ministry of Information and Civic Education weekly press briefing held at the Ministry of foreign Affairs and International Corporation on Tuesday, September, 26, 2023.