Cee Bah - Information Minister

Following the nationwide curfew declared by the Government in response to an incident of break into the armoury at the Wilberforce Barracks in the early hours of Sunday, 26th November, 2023, the Ministry of Information and Civic Education has provided latest update.


Below is the update (verbatim):

The security forces have pushed back the assailants to the outskirts of the city – they are currently being engaged in the Jui area. Most of the city is calm and under control of the state security forces.

Major detention centers including the Pademba Road Prisons were attacked earlier today and in the interest of protecting civilian lives (including of prisoners), the security forces were forced to make a tactical retreat. The prisons were thus overran.

Some prisoners were abducted by the assailants while many others were released. Please note that SLBC is not on fire and not under siege.

The DG of SLBC is doing his work and has not been arrested. The security forces are making progress in the operation to defeat and apprehend those responsible for today’s attacks.

The curfew remains in effect. Stay indoors.  The government remains in control and on top of the situation.


Copy right – Expo Times News on Sunday, November 26th, 2023 (ExpoTimes News – Expo Media Group (expomediasl.com)