By: Expo Times Correspondent



Expo Times Reporter, Yusuf Ibrahim Kamara has been appointed as Director of Communications at the Students’ Representative Council at the University of Makeni.

Yusuf Ibrahim Kamara is in the spotlight of students’ representation. The leader is breaking barriers by climaxing an important feat in the university’s political system. His appointment as Director of Communications is informed by dedicated commitment to service delivery, humility, and the readiness to accomplish the Sustainable Development Manifesto to the farthest extreme, taking into consideration constitutional legalities.

Expert opinions are of the view that, the appointment of this media professional will widen the space for information access and accessibility. The room for a common ground to exchange ideas will be tostrengthen  an elastic approach; entertaining civic discuss that are poised to promote students’ participation in leadership matters, and the promotion of fundamental human rights and principles stemmed on good governance and democracy as key priority deliverables.

_Tracing the media background of the guru, Yusuf is the Head of Media for Revival of Islamic Foundation International; was the President of the Wellington School News Journal; Head of Media at Sabikun International Humanitarian Foundation; former Minister of Information of the Wellington Secondary School; erstwhile Spokesperson for the Wellington Alumni, presently the Public Relations Officer for the UniMak Muslim Jamaat; and the recently appointed Regional Ambassador for the National Union of Muslim Students._

It is important to establish that, his journalistic career covers the following media enterprises: Expo Times News, Capitol Newspaper, and Home Times Newspaper.

Underscoring the significance of the appointment, the appointee was bold to express his felicitation to the President, and the entire top management executive: “Thanks for the confidence you restored in me. I am also pleased about the fact that, my service at the university is acknowledged, thereby triggering such an appointive position in appreciation of my commitment to serving the student community at large.” He thanked warmly.

“I will deliver until the Sustainable Development manifesto is achieved.” He ended, overemphasizing on the essence of maintaining independence and professionalism throughout his leadership mandate.


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