EPA Concludes Workshop


The Environment Protection Agency (EPA-SL) has concluded a two-day workshop on the Mine Rehabilitation Liability Estimator (MRLE) model and the 2024 EIA (sector-specific) fee regulations for large and small-scale mining companies, EIA consultants, government MDAs, and Paramount Chiefs at Shangri-La Hotel in Freetown*

The Mine Rehabilitation Liability Estimator (MRLE) seeks to compel mining proponents to submit mine closure plans and financial assurance that will be set aside to restore the land to an ecological state after operations.

It goes beyond refilling holes. Rather, it is site-specific, and it is about restoring land after mining activities to ensure it’s safe, sustainable, and beneficial for future generations, considering social impacts, environmental health, and the needs of local communities.

Through consultation, shared learning, and collective action, the EPA will partner to provide guidance, set standards, and ensure that rehabilitation efforts are up to par.

The Mine Rehabilitation Liability Estimation Tool provides a range of cost calculation workbooks representing typical mining operations that vary in complexity depending on the scale and type of operations.

Through periodic audits, post-closure environmental monitoring, and robust progress reporting systems, we will track our collective efforts and ensure continuous improvement.

Also, through continuous training sessions and setting up a monitoring and reporting framework, we will collectively ensure our rehabilitation efforts are not just a checkbox but a genuine commitment to sustainability.

A protected environment is assured by viable regulatory mechanisms and cooperation from proponents and the general public. This is the EPA we envisioned, and we all have a collective responsibility to keep the environment safe, healthy, and conducive to human life, economic investments, and a sustainable future.

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