The Sierra Leone Local Content Policy Act was passed to provide development of all sectors of the economy through the incorporation of local content in their productive activities. The private sector has taken the lead in the local content platform that does not compromise standards and efficiency.

Jolaks Manufacturing Company Limited is one amongst key private sector companies that prides itself on using local raw materials to produce quality products for both local and international consumption. With a vision of going global, Jolaks is currently producing the best cooking oil and soap as its main products, and the company has ensured that they are of high quality. This investment has created lots of direct and indirect jobs for all works of life.

Jolaks operates Sierra Leone’s biggest palm oil refinery. The company’s Palm Oil Refinery produces RBD Palm Olein (Vegetable Cooking Oil).

The company is of the fervent view that quality standards are usually related to improving the safety of food products suitable for consumption by specifications. These standards are essential elements for local and international businesses that contribute to economic progress through industrial development and trade in Sierra Leone.

It uses Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) in soap manufacturing, animal feed, and as raw materials for oleo-chemical industries, and Vitamin E can be extracted from PFAD.

An essential ingredient for most palm oil derivatives; RBD Palm Stearin is commonly used in fully natural hard fat components for products such as shortening, pastry, bakery kinds of margarine, and soaps.

The company has a good track record in exporting RBD Palm Olein, PFAD, and RBD Palm Stearin to neighboring countries.

With a Saponification and Soap Finishing Line, Jolaks is making soap noodles available for local use and export. Soap noodles are the core ingredient to make finished soap bars.

“We have plans to launch a state-of-the-art beauty soap and laundry soap production line where we will be able to make beautiful soaps, laundry soaps, medicated soaps, and multi-purpose soaps. We will have the flexibility to produce paper wrap packing, box packing, and pillow wrap packing,” company authorities say.

Jolaks is already in progress to receive ISO 9, 000 and ISO 14, 000 certifications. Following which we apply for ISO 22, 000 certification. Jolaks is registered under the ETLS Scheme which has been implemented to drive more export to neighboring ECOWAS countries. Sierra Leone is at the heart of the ECOWAS region. Benefits of the ETLS Scheme include duty-free concession; Shorter transit times to each destination port; and cheap freight options.