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‘Dr. Shaw’s Contribution to Knowledge and Research is Unmatchable’ Dr Francis Sowa.

Senior   lecturer of the Mass Communications Department at FBC and Chairman of the Media Reform Coordinating Group MRCG Dr. Francis Sowa has described the contributions

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By AlusineFullah



Corporal Alfred Methodist Kargbo, the 7th prosecution witness in an ongoing Court Martial testified in court on the 25th January, 2024, that it was Captain Senesie who led in strange people towards the armoury.

According to the witness, Captain Senesie was the Commanding Officer at the time and also the field officer at the 5th Infantry Battalion on the night of the November 26 attempted coup. He further noted that the invaders were in black attires and with vehicles that was commanded by Captain Senesie.

In continuation of his testimony on  31st January 2024, Corporal Alfred Methodist Kargbo was thoroughly cross-examined by lawyer J. Cole, representing the 17th, 13th, 6t and 27th accused persons. During that cross-examination, J. Cole asked him few questions: did you have a phone at the time? If yes, did you make any attempt to call your covering commander? How many gates do we have at that place? Responding to these questions, Corporal Alfred Methodist Kargbo said: “Yes at that time I had a phone. When I went to wake up Capt. Jalloh my phone was in my pocket. I did not call my boss simply because I was trying to make sure what was really going at that time, and I didn’t want to give false information to my boss.After few minutes, the assailants took off my mobile phone. There is only one gate after the gate I was manning. However, there are other routes to the arsenal.

In his statement, Serg. Mansaray L. RSLAF 18175865, the 9th prosecution witness noted that he was posted at 5 Battalion Wilberforce. According to him after he had taken duty, Lieutenant Colonel Yamba, the 17 accused advised them to be vigilant. He told the court further: “corporal Alfred Methodist Kargbo went in search of reinforcement. He went in our guard post and explained what was going on at the moment. But by the time another soldier had also asked me to join him on a patrol, but because of the mood of corporal Alfred Methodist Kargbo I decided to join him. I went and took the weapon from Private Koroma (a female soldier). When we reach at the scene I saw a tall civilian man with black mask. After few minutes, I heard corporal Alfred Methodist Kargbo shout: ‘what have I done?’…the assailant was a rifle so he tried to kill corporal Alfred Methodist Kargbo, so I had no option was to save my colleague and kill the assailant. After that I saw a barrage of soldiers and civilians rushing towards me. We exchange firing for couple of minutes. They launched the RPG to my end and I ran away…”

The lead prosecution witness council, Colonel Mohamed B. Kargbo raised an objection for the defence council, J. Cole to stop asking unnecessary questions to the witnesses. Responding to Colonel Mohamed B. Kargbo, J. Cole stated that his questions are very pertinent to the witnesses.

The presiding magistrate, Mark Ngegba has adjourned the matter to Wednesday, 8thFebruary, 2024.


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