Aviation Minister Spearheads Severance

By Zachariah Jalloh – MOICE


On Friday, May 17, 2024, the Minister of Transport and Aviation, Ambassador Colonel (Rtd) Alhaji Fanday Turay, led the distribution of severance payment cheques to former employees of the Sierra Leone Airports Authority (SLAA). The ceremony, held at the old Freetown Airport Terminal, marked the second phase of severance payments to retirees and redundant staff.

Minister Turay disclosed that there are approximately 500 redundant staff, with 40 having been paid in the first tranche and 37 in this second tranche. The total severance payout amounts to $7.5 million. The Freetown International Airport (FIA), in collaboration with all stakeholders, committed to disbursing $350,000 monthly until November, by which time it is expected that all staff will have received their benefits.

“The Ministry will ensure all staff are paid by November this year. FIA has committed to ensuring they make payments every month till November to ensure the process comes to a befitting end. We urge all parties to exercise patience as the process continues. The leadership will protect staff welfare at the airport. However, we encourage all staff to be diligent and keep the airport safe,” Minister Turay remarked.

Ibrahim Sheriff, the Country Manager of Freetown International Airport (formerly Summa), reassured the staff that the severance payment process would proceed as planned and that FIA would fulfil its financial commitments.

Jack Massaquoi, the General Manager of the Sierra Leone Airports Authority, expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing process of paying benefits to his former staff. He extended his gratitude to FIA and all contributors to this initiative.

Representing the Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social Security, Mr. Abdulai Conteh reminded staff that once they received their benefits, their official ties with SLAA would be severed. He emphasized the Labour Ministry’s role in ensuring that the staff’s labour rights are upheld throughout the process.

The event concluded with the presentation of bank statements to the beneficiaries, marking a significant milestone in the staff’s transition from SLAA.

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