Dr Shaw

By: Sheku Putka Kamara


I have deliberately inserted this ID Card as a way to remind us all that Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw is the Chief Executive and Publisher of the Expo Times Newspaper and the Expo Magazine. You can call that more publicity, but to me, this is just an appreciation. I hardly write on such matters, but each time I do, I am using my intrinsic qualitative observation research technique to espouse the extent to which one’s positivity is making all the virtuous difference in the media space and in my life, I must say. I came to know about Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw when I was doing my first degree at our then Mass Communication Department at Fourah Bay College, now Faculty of Communication, Media and Information Studies. One of our Lecturers then, His Lordship the Justice Dr., Binneh Kamara will always quote and paraphrase the words and works of Dr. Shaw. As such, we had no option, but to do further research on what and what the respected academic scholar has been doing and had done. For those that may not know, Binneh is like an academic god to most if not all of us that studied communication at FBC, but let me just forge ahead! As the Almighty would want it, Dr. Shaw finally touched base after getting his deserved appointment to serve as Chairman and Information Commissioner of the Right to Access Information Commission (RAIC). Surely, as a Media and Communications’ Lecturer and Journalist, I follow a lot of issues. However, one evening I received a call from Dr. Seaga Shaw much not so expected, truth be told. He called to say he had been following what I do in the media space and that he would wish to give me an opportunity to edit his Expo Times Newspaper. Surely, it was a wow for me and as introduced above, you should not wonder why and how. Today and by God’s Grace, I am the substantive editor of both the Expo Times Newspaper and our Expo Magazine. Alhamdulilah, but why am I doing this article?

As a respected academic, Dr. Shaw has added value to my craft. He is a mentor to my mentors and I cannot overstate how much that is a blessing to and for me. With him, we have built a team of young and vibrant journalists that are able and willing to unearth topical agendas that are greatly of human interest. Clearly, our Expo platform now creates room for expansion and unhindered growth and truth be told, working conditions at Expo are way better than most if not all competing outlets. This is a manifestation of Dr. Shaw’s professionalism and quest to bring about the necessary positive changes in the media landscape of Sierra Leone.

With the competing assignments that some of us have at hand, we need unquestionable flexibility to dispense duties and so that is one area where Expo stands out. Gladly, now that we live in a global village, the online space has so much made things easier and better. In media studies, we have expounded on how time and space have been compressed. Today, with the click of a button, anyone can go viral. However, in all of this, not once has Expo failed to uphold valuable journalistic tenets. This speaks to the fact that our fact-finding missions are informed on the basis of accuracy, balance and clarity.

Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw has been a blessing to thousands and millions of others in and out of Sierra Leone. No wonder, President Bio has decided to repose confidence in him to serve as Chairman and Information Commissioner of the Right to Access Information Commission {RAIC) for another five years. Had it not been for results, we shouldn’t be talking about a reappointment. So, Dr. Shaw has been and he continues to be a shinning example of brilliance, virtues and positivity.

I will continue to thank and appreciate him because this is the least, I could do. Sierra Leone needs people of this nature. If we were to get more of persons like the respected Dr. Shaw, there is little we cannot achieve if we all so desire. God bless, Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw (TECH).


Copy right –Printed in the Expo Times News on Friday 3rd November, 2023 (ExpoTimes News – Expo Media Group (expomediasl.com)