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‘Dr. Shaw’s Contribution to Knowledge and Research is Unmatchable’ Dr Francis Sowa.

Senior   lecturer of the Mass Communications Department at FBC and Chairman of the Media Reform Coordinating Group MRCG Dr. Francis Sowa has described the contributions

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Sierra Leone Ambassador to China has made significant engagements with the China Development Bank (CDB) and YueyangGuansheng Investment Development Co. Ltd respectively, thereby briefing the two giant financial investment institutions about investment potentials in Sierra Leone.

The CDB with headquarters in Beijing, Capital of the People’s Republic of China is a major Financial Institution that plays vivacious role in China’s investments into Africa. The Bank, it is believed has for decades been a beacon of hope in formulating infrastructural development projects.

Like an intermediary, Yueyang Guansheng Investment Development Co. Ltd, is an influential Company that provides opportunities for African Countries to attract Chinese investments.

Ambassador Abu Bakarr Karim ceased the opportunity to engage the two investment related institutions during his participation at the Promotion Conference for the pilot zone on China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation held in Beijing.

The Conference aims at exploring and promoting economic and trade opportunities between the two regions. It also facilitates China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation in key sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing and digital technology.

The Promotion Conference for the Pilot Zone on China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation is seen as a crucial step in deepening economic ties between China and Africa. It serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, discussions, and collaborations.

With the involvement of important stakeholders like African Ambassadors in China, the China Development Bank, and YueyangGuansheng Investment Development Co. Ltd, the conference paves the way for fruitful partnerships and investments as well contributing to the sustainable development of both regions.


Credit – Info Unit – Sierra Leone Embassy Beijing, PRC


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