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Marriage Zone Ministry: Building Strong, God-Centered Homes Since 2015

Founded in 2015, Marriage Zone Ministry has dedicated itself to cultivating homes that reflect God’s ideal, as articulated in Psalm 127:1-3. The ministry firmly believes that the home is the cornerstone of a stable community. When homes are broken, it can lead to a broken church and, ultimately, a fractured nation. Conversely, by restoring the home, we can create a peaceful and harmonious society.

Our Mission and Activities

Marriage Zone Ministry engages in a variety of impactful activities aimed at strengthening families and promoting Godly marriages. These include:

Seminars for Singles and Married Couples: We host seminars that provide valuable insights and practical advice for both singles and married couples, helping them to build strong, faith-based relationships.

Conferences: Our conferences bring together thought leaders, pastors, and relationship experts to discuss and advocate for principles that nurture healthy, God-centered marriages.

School Visitations: We visit schools to influence and inspire youth, guiding them towards understanding the importance of stable, Godly homes.

Our Beliefs

At the heart of our ministry is the belief that marriage, far from being a form of bondage, is a beautiful institution established by God. When approached according to God’s principles, marriage is destined to flourish. We are passionate about advocating for Godly marriages and supporting individuals and couples in their journey towards building homes that honor God and foster peace in the community.

Join Us in Our Mission

We invite you to partner with us in our mission to restore and strengthen homes. Your sponsorship and collaboration can make a significant difference in the lives of many families. For sponsorship collaboration and partnership opportunities, please contact us at 078 108283.

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