Life in SL

By: Jensen Brian Abass Cumming




In the depths of self-reflection and societal observations, the question arises: Is it the color of our skin or the state of our hearts that drives some Sierra Leoneans to acts of selfishness and betrayal? This article delves into the heart of the matter, exploring instances of deception and wickedness that have left scars on the fabric of our society.

The Burning Issues:

  1. The Okada Betrayal:
  • A common man invests in an Okada, expecting a source of income for a friend. Shockingly, within two weeks, the friend replaces new parts with old, later demanding a significant sum for replacement parts that were never needed. One word to describe this situation: Betrayal.
  • The Okada Betrayal stands as a stark reminder of the complexities woven into the fabric of Sierra Leonean society. It reflects not only the economic struggles faced by individuals but also the ethical dilemmas that can arise in seemingly straightforward transactions. The one-word description, ‘Betrayal,’ encapsulates the heart-wrenching reality of trust shattered and financial bonds manipulated for personal gain.
  1. The Vanishing Mechanic:
  • An individual pays a mechanic for services, only to discover the mechanic has disappeared after pocketing the money. This disappearing act leaves a trail of broken trust and unfinished work.
  1. Microcredit Deception:
  • Some Sierra Leoneans obtain microcredits, promising repayment but disappear after a few weeks, leaving microcredit workers in dire straits. Describe this situation: Deception.
  • Sierra Leoneans, eager to access microcredits, often present themselves as earnest borrowers, pleading with microcredit staff to approve their applications. These individuals promise timely repayments, yet their intentions are far from genuine. Once the funds are disbursed, a distressing pattern emerges – borrowers vanish into thin air after a mere few weeks, leaving the microcredit workers in a predicament of irrecoverable debts.
  1. Construction Thievery:
  • Entrusted with a construction job, relatives or friends join hands to steal and sell materials. The shocking discovery of this betrayal leaves the victim wondering about the ethics of blood ties.
  • The shocking revelation is often met with disbelief and dismay as the victim confronts those involved. What makes this situation even more appealing is the audacity with which the culprits, be they family members or friends, maintain a façade of innocence, often hurling accusations back at the victim.
  1. Job Sabotage:
  • Giving a friend a job often results in connivance to get the person sacked, showing a dark side of professional jealousy and backstabbing within Sierra Leonean workplaces.
  1. Embezzlement within Organizations:
  • Sierra Leoneans entrusted with organizational funds squander them, often cursing others with a bold face. The aftermath leaves colleagues in a sea of ​​financial chaos.

My View:

  • These situations represent just a fraction of the myriad challenges faced within Sierra Leonean society. It raises questions about the underlying factors that drive such behavior and begs for introspection.Our society grapples with a myriad of challenges, but it is crucial to recognize that the actions of a few do not define an entire nation. While these instances of betrayal and wickedness are disheartening, they serve as a call to action for all Sierra Leoneans to introspect, reflect, and actively work towards a more compassionate and supportive society.


  • Let us look beyond the shadows of our own hearts and reflect on the positive examples set by other races. Embrace love, forgiveness, and cooperation, for in unity lies the strength to overcome the challenges that threaten the progress and harmony of our nation.

As we confront our own shadows, let us choose love over hatred, understanding over judgment, and unity over discord. In doing so, we can build a Sierra Leone that reflects the true warmth and resilience of its people. Love conquers all, and it is through love that we can rise above the challenges that threaten to tarnish the beauty of our nation.

Going forward

In the wake of these disheartening tales of betrayal and deception within the fabric of Sierra Leonean society, we stand at a crossroads. The narratives of the Okada Betrayal, Microcredit Deception, and Construction Thievery compel us to reflect on the values ​​that define us as a community. Moving forward, we must strive for a Sierra Leone where trust is honored, relationships are cherished, and progress is a collective endeavor.

Love Conquers All:

Finally, let us remember that love conquers all. In the face of adversity, our capacity to love and support one another becomes a transformative force. It is through acts of kindness, empathy, and understanding that we can rewrite the narratives of betrayal into stories of redemption and growth.

Sierra Leone has weathered many storms, and the challenges outlined here are but drops in the ocean of our shared journey. By looking forward with a renewed commitment to unity, education, community, forgiveness, and love, we can shape a Sierra Leone where trust prevails, relationships flourish, and progress becomes a reality for all.


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